What reviewers are saying...

    "Kim and Pam have created what I've always needed, a thorough guide
    to the best taverns in the Adirondack Park.

    Happy Hour in the High Peaks has given away all our local secrets!
    I can't believe they wrote a guide to my favorite bars!

    Kim and Pam Ladd's Happy Hour in the High Peaks is a great guide
    for finding the best cocktails, taverns, and good times in the
    Adirondacks. Handy maps are combined with lots of insider
    information about the region's classic establishments, some tips
    for enjoying them, and recipes for some of the best cocktails you'll
    ever taste.

    Adirondack visitors and residents alike will find some great new
    hangouts. Kim and Pam have done the hard work. All we have to
    do is enjoy the results!"
    -John Warren, editor Adirondack Almanack

    "Kim and Pam have put together a must-read guide that gives both locals
    and visitors a taste of the High Peaks -- literally. Their book captures the
    flavor of the Adirondacks and offers readers a look at some of the best
    bars in the area. Anyone who loves exploring local places, enjoys a good
    beer, glass of wine or cocktail or the Adirondacks will love this guide."
    - Michelle Maskaly, “The Adirondack Chick”

    "The Adirondacks have always inspired an insurmountable number of
    writers. I can personally attest to that. The region also inspires people
    in so many other ways. That is what brings them here. For each niche,
    however vast or narrow it may be, there is the need for more information
    about it and sooner or later someone comes along and satisfies that
    need in written form.

    This is exactly what sisters Kim and Pam Ladd (we may or may not
    be related) have done with Happy Hour in the High Peaks. Socializing
    is a big part of human nature and gathering at a local "watering hole"
    like the appropriately themed 46 of them featured here is a time-
    honored tradition. Each is unique in its own way, lending itself to the
    character of their hometowns and the people who frequent them.
    That's what small town life is all about and there is no shortage of it
    here in the Adirondacks.

    The authors understand all of this. They also understand that folks
    are drawn to the region for many purposes. It might be to hunt, fish,
    camp, hike, snowmobile, ski or just take a drive in the country. The
    Adirondack establishment itself, with its beer, wine, spirits and unique
    atmosphere may be the traveler's destination unto its own. After traveling
    the pages of this book many more of them likely will be.

    Whether you are at the end of the trail or the middle of a vacation;
    whether it's a night on the town or a snack and brew while catching
    a ballgame; a cold drink on a hot day or some hot wings on your way
    home; pull up a rustic barstool and join the crowd.  Happy Hour in the
    High Peaks will make you feel like you've been there already, but I
    sure hope you'll drop in just the same."
    -Dan Ladd, The Chronicle