Passport Regulations
    Passport Rules and Guidelines
    The Happy Hour Passport bearer will be henceforth referred to as 46er and the
    participating 46 High Peak bars will be henceforth referred to as High Peak. To
    become a 46er, visit all 46 High Peaks destinations contained herein according
    to the following guidelines:

    Passport must be presented by 46er to receive discount outlined on High Peaks
    Visa pages.

    High Peak must stamp respective Visa to void future discount and authenticate
    travel within their jurisdiction.

    Retain this Passport for use at all 46 High Peak locations.

    Terms are subject to change without notice. High Peaks reserve the right to
    terminate or extend Visas.

    Your Passport is a valuable identification document. It should be carefully
    safeguarded. Register it here.

    In order to qualify as a 46er, all 46 Visas must be stamped in accordance with these