What our customers are saying:


     We are having so much fun with our passport, what a great idea!
     - Alfred, Kingston, NY

     What a fun idea!  I'm really enjoying the book and can't wait to get started
     filling up my passport.
     - Suzanne, Queensbury, NY

     Thank you for your excellent customer service and personal touch with
     this delivery.
     - Faith, Clifton Park, NY


     Love the book and passport.  Looking forward to working my way
     through it.
     - Michelle, Clifton Park, NY

     Picked up your book in Inlet. Love it. Our weekend rides up north
     will now have destinations.
     Love the book! Can’t wait to hit all 46.
     - Mary, Rome, NY

     Can't wait to get my grubby paws on one of these.  Live in the
     Catskills but Love the 'Dacks.
     - Sindee, Downsville, NY

     Thanks. Great way to market the Adirondacks!
     - Dan, Saratoga Springs, NY

     I was so excited to get your book.
     - Peggy, Lake Placid, NY

     Hey gals, we have been to 31 HHHP plus the 47th Sticks n Stones..  
     Have had to put off the last 15 until spring since Gore is back open.  
     Have had a wonderful time exploring the Adirondacks.  Really enjoyed
     meeting all the people that work at all the bars.  Very personable, plus
     we have come across some really good food and drinks.  Have to say we
     enjoyed the Thirsty Moose, the owner was a hoot and the food excellent.  
     Also that same day we hit P-2's and enjoyed a delightful conversation
     with the owner.
     Planning a spring get away to Lake Placid with some other HHHP passport
     holders to hit the places that are open later and more than likely some
     more of that wonderful pizza at the Cottage.
     - Dan and Sheri, North Creek, NY

     I just purchased your book...a great job!!!
     - Nancy, North Creek, NY