46er Gallery

    Happy Hour 46ers...

    We met up with several passport holders who completed the Happy Hour 46er
    Trail. After embossing their passports with the Happy Hour Official Seal and
    bestowing 46er sticker and pin, we welcomed them to the Happy Hour 46er

Dan & Sheri at Lake House Grille in
Wells - #44 on the Happy Hour Trail!
Congratulations to the Golds and
the Fullers!
Welcome  two new 46ers, Lynda
and Rick!
Todd and Lisa join the elite
Happy Hour 46er
Kathy receives her 46th passport
stamp from Jeannie at Basil & Wick's in
North Creek. Kathy visited 5 bars that
day to complete the Happy Hour Trail -
what a go-getter!
Happy Hour official, Pam Ladd,
inspects Kathy's passport to ensure all
bars were visited and properly
stamped. She is such a taskmaster!